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Domestic Violence Painting


Art Affects, LLC believes that everyone can benefit from the healing nature of art and creativity.  Our vision is not only to spread knowledge and appreciation of art while teaching artistic skills, but also to promote healthy personal development and healing to individuals in need by partnering with local human service organizations to provide discussion-based art workshops to their clients.


During workshops participants, of ALL AGES and ALL ART ABILITIES, use their inner creativity to express their thoughts and feelings regarding pertinent subjects and issues faced day to day.  


Art provides a 'safe language' to express difficult ideas.


Tools to deal with particular situations are developed and a sense of trust and camaraderie is born.


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Art Affects, LLC provides groups and individuals the opportunity to benefit from discussion based art workshops designed to promote healthy personal development.


Art Affects, LLC workshops are non-diagnostic and are not intervention based. Their purpose is not to seek out or treat issues, but to address topics pertaining to the individual’s or organization’s goals.  The main purpose is to promote openness and communication often leading to improvements in mental and emotional wellbeing. 


We will work closely with your clinical team to create appropriate curriculum for the clients you serve.