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Art Affects, LLC provides groups and individuals the opportunity to benefit from discussion based art workshops designed to promote healthy personal development.


Art Affects, LLC workshops are non-diagnostic and are not intervention based. Their purpose is not to seek out or treat issues, but to address topics pertaining to the individual’s or organization’s goals.


Art Affects, LLC should not replace existing forms of counseling, mental or emotional therapies. The main purpose is to promote openness and communication often leading to improvements in mental and emotional wellbeing. 


Participants use creativity to express their reactions to the workshop’s topic(s) while learning tools to deal with particular situations or feelings. 


This two-tiered approach leaves a lasting impression by employing hands on experience, discussion, and a physical reminder (artwork) of the progress made during each workshop.


Participation in workshops does not require that you are by any means an ‘artist.’ Rather, it encourages everyone’s inner creativity, using art as a ‘safe language.’


Workshops benefit all ages, if you can wield a paintbrush and participate in group discussion, you have what it takes to benefit from these workshops.


Workshops can be customized to meet the specific needs of individuals or groups.  From teaching communication in the workplace to demonstrating healthy decision making to teens, we have or can create curriculum that will fit your needs.