The artwork and photographs displayed were created during Art Affects' workshops and are included with the permission of the artists for education and promotion purposes.

The Science of Art Therapy in Healing from Childhood Trauma in Recovery

While all trauma can have a profound effect on the survivor, trauma that occurs during childhood has been shown to cause a myriad of negative consequences that can last throughout ones lifetime.  This is because trauma that occurs during development actually alters the way the individual is built on a physiological level.  Many people do not realize that the link between childhood trauma and addiction is stronger than the link between obesity and diabetes.  Survivors of childhood trauma are more likely to develop substance related disorders and are less likely to have positive outcomes of addiction treatment and one reason for this trend may be the altered stress response



On January 24th, 2019 Art Therapist and Art Affects' founder, Catherine Rich, presented her research regarding the benefits of Art Therapy in healing from childhood trauma within recovery to an audience at the Frank Gallery, Pembroke Pines.


Her research, conducted over the past year, utilized stress biomarkers, cortisol, alpha-amylase, and heart rate variability to measure the stress reduction benefits of art making.  In her presentation, Catherine presented Art Therapy in the context of the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics.  Catherine examined Art Therapy's unique ability to assist survivors in healing trauma on a neurobiological level through engagement of senses, affect, and cognition, moving them through the NMT and supporting more successful outcomes in recovery.  

Urban Youth Impact

 Art Affects and Urban Youth Impact family night.


Art Affects was featured in this month's Urban Youth Impact newsletter. 


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Posted from Urban Youth Impact's Facebook Page 

We are so thankful for our partnership with Art Affects, LLC in Jupiter, Florida. They have provided just what they stand for, a healthy outlet for expressing ourselves and our emotions through art which helps us develop as young people.

In this particular class we created hands while discussing the positive aspects of our lives, and how we can use our own hands to better our community. What are you doing with your hands to build up your community?

Photo credits go to Robyn Barkley of Robyn Barkley Photography of South Florida and her photography students!

Best Buddies, Jupiter Middle School

Art Affects partnered with Mrs. Capparelli's class at Jupiter Middle School to create a one of a kind picnic table to brighten the school courtyard and to be enjoyed by all.  Artwork created by Mrs. Capparelli's students during Art Affects workshops was displayed for the annual Best Buddies Charity Dinner held on March 1st.  Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Art for Memory Care

The partnership between Art Affects, LLC and New Day Adult Care Center was featured in an article in the Florida News Weekly.

New Day Adult Care Center offers seniors a safe, supervised, home-like environment with wellness activities, intergenerational programming, personal care, excellent nutrition, and medical supervision. Participants attend New Day during the day and return to their home and loved ones in the evening.

Art Affects founder with a client of New Day: Adult Care Center
Art Fun at New Day!

Visual Arts for Individuals with Visual Impairments

Art Affects partnered with VSA and Lighthouse for the Blind of Palm Beaches to provide visual arts workshops to individuals with visual impairments.  The program lasted four weeks and included a variety of modalities all highlighting these young artists amazing abilities.


VSA- Palm Beach County


Art and Recovery- Radio Broadcast

Art Affects owner Catherine Rich and teaching artist Lindsey Duncan along with Rachel Spiller, ATR were special guests on the Family Center for Recovery radio show about art and recovery.


Urban Youth Impact

UYI's Summer Jam Art Affects SMART students are creating beautiful art to coincide with our #SJAM2017 theme - Under Construction. From our "Building Bridges" theme to "Building Faith" these footprints in the sand expressed finding confidence in obstacles.

Student Mural at Stuart Middle School

Student Exhibit at the Elliot Museum

Autism Speaks Charity Dinner- Jupiter Middle School of Technology

In collaboration with Mrs. Roisin Capparelli's class, Art Affects, LLC created three one-of-a-kind chairs to be auctioned at this year's Autism Speaks Charity Dinner.  Funds raised during the event will help Autism Speaks to continue in its mission to conduct research and spread awareness of autism.

Art Affects at Lunafest- Empowering Women Through Art

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