A Few Words from Art Affects' clients.



"I love our art group.  It breaks up the day instead of our regular groups and I get to use a different part of my brain." 


"This is my favorite group.  Our facilitator always comes up with the best ideas that challenge us but also allow us to use problem solving in a creative way."


"I love this group and I look forward to it every week." 


"The best thing about art is that it allows you to get out of your head and focus on positive change."


"I really enjoyed this class.  It's soothing to concentrate on a project when it reflects something personal!"


"This is a healthy distractiong.  It allowed me to be present."


"Very Inspirational."


"This is a fun way to explore creativity, it was interesting to see the colors I chose which represented my mood and feelings."


"It felt good to share with the group while exploring meanings in our pictures and words.  Fun and supportive experience."


"These opportunities to express ourselves are so important." 


"I'm grateful for Art Affects coming.  It's calming to be around positive people."


"This is neat.  I rather enjoy each session even though I thought negatively about art at first."


"I never have a case of the Monday's because of this group."




What Catherine's clients have to say:

"Catherine is great at facilitating group togetherness while we work on our own projects.  She creates a sense of fulfillment and peace with her workshops.  I enjoy being in her group.  Catherine you are the best."

"I feel Catherine is wonderful, her approach is down to Earth and educational."

"Great group, thank you."

"I'm not an art fan usually but I loved the workshop."

"Catherine is GREAT.  I did not feel well at the start of group but today's workshop helped me to feel better both physically and mentally.  Thank you Catherine."

"I was so anxious and group really calmed me down!  Loved it."

"I love this group and I look forward to it every week."

"Fun work.  It makes the day go faster."

"Catherine is AWESOME, I really enjoy this class."

"This was great!  Thank you for your help and kindness."

"This was cool.  I don't get to design or express myself a lot through art so it was nice to do it now."

"I like how the art relates to aspects of my recovery."


"I can't wait until next week!"

"I get a very positive feeling while participating."

"I love working through arts and I really enjoy the creativity."

"Our group helps me emotionally.  I always enjoy whatever Catherine has to offer."

"Keep doing a great job!"   

"I like how what starts as a simple idea usually turns out to be a really deep piece."

"Love your class."

"Catherine is very hands on with a great attitude.  She is always willing to help."

"Love art group."

"Catherine is an amazing teacher."

"U da bomb." 

"The instructor was awesome.  She explained things very well and was available to help us at almost any time."

"I love Catherine.  She's so helpful. I'm down for any art as long as Catherine is there."

What Lindsey's clients have to say:

"Is it Wednesday yet? I hear from our residents all the time.  Wednesday afternoons is when Lindsey comes in from Art Affects.  They can always count on a hands-on guided experiences through many forms of artistic expression."  

"She is engaging, patient, and fun.  AMAZING!"  

"Thank you for all that you do for us here.  We love you!"

"SHE'S AWESOME! Has made every Thursday very peaceful and exciting!"

"Great class, great instructor, very positive."

"So therapeutic, thank you for this experience."

"I really enjoy your class, can you come more often?"

"She's the greatest!  Great Person, caring, loving."

"I have loved everything that you have done for us."

"10/10, best group every week." 

"AMAZING! I LOVE your class."

"This was awesome!"

"Best group EVER!"

"This made me dig into my brain to an unused place."

"I'm not really 'artsy' but this was so much fun!  I really enjoyed the class."

"I'm sad to say this was my last class, Lindsey is a wonderful art facilitator!!"

"This made me feel free."

"This is by far my favorite group."

"Lindsey is the best."

"These opportunities to express ourselves are so calming."

What Sarah's Clients have to say:


"Our art workshop helped me today.  Wasn't in a good mood, but it helped me release stress and tension."


 “Sarah has a great representation of a woman who I’d look up to for inspiration like the women I put in my art collage today.”


“Sarah was polite and understanding, she’s a great teacher and I hope to see her in the near future. Art group keeps my mind off using drugs.”

“Thank you for taking the time to pass on beautiful skills that my son will have for a lifetime.  Keep making a difference, as you have in our lives.”

“Cool group, I had fun!”

“Best after-school program for this session!”

“This group definitely helped me realize who I am vs. who I want to be.”

“Very relaxing, good discussion.”

“The class was great and the facilitator was patient with us as we were being creative.”

“Fun working with the clay.”

“I loved the crayon project.”

“I loved working with the clay.  It helped me take my mind off of life.”

“Very fun, enjoyed doing art and listening to music.”

“I liked this activity very much.”

“Great group!”

“I liked making my own creation.”

“I had fun!”

“Group was calming and let me see my level of creative ability.”

“Great class!”

 “Teacher has a great attitude.”

“Awesome activity.”

 “I loved it!”

“Love art group!”

 “Loved it.”

“Art is important to me, written and visual.”

“Loved art group!”

What Janine's clients have to say:

"Best Group!"

"I'm always surprised how much this helps!"

"Art group is dope!"

"This was great!"

"This is always one of my favorite groups."

"Very good emotional regulation.  Really helped me to think about and understand where I'm at in my life plus where I'm trying to get."
"This allowed me to open up more than I usually do."

"Keep coming back, this is a nice change from our other groups."

"This is great.  LOVED it!"

"Very good instructor.  I love her energy."

"This was AWESOME!"

"Love this class!"

"I've really gotten to enjoy your group in my time here.  Thank you."

"Janine is great and awesome."

"I enjoy this group very much, it gives me a chance to express myself beyond words."

"More art group!"

"I always feel relaxed in your group."

"Great group.  This is my last workshop. :(  Thank you Janine."

"Janine is a great instructor."

"This group keeps my mind busy."

"Keep doing what you are doing, this is great!"

"This group has opened my eyes."

"Janine is awesome. : )"

"Always a great class.  We love Janine."

"Good group, allowed me to look into myself and let the anger go away."

"Thank you Janine, this helped me a lot."

"This was the first time I've done art in years and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it!"

"This really helped get stuff off of my chest."

What Rachel's clients have to say:

"This is the class I look most forward to every week.  I'm not a very good artist but Rachel always makes me feel like I am."