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Skills Based Art Workshops


Art Affects’ teaching artists are skilled and experienced teachers who will provide the knowledge and leadership necessary to help your clients to develop and foster their creativity and artistic skills. Our curriculum can be modified to meet the student where they are on their artistic journey. Workshops are easy to understand, build artistic skills, encourage individualism and creativity, and most importantly they are FUN! At Art Affects we believe art is a gift that can enrich everyone’s lives, let us help to enrich the lives of your clients today.


Discussion Based Art Workshops


In addition to our skills based art workshops, Art Affects specializes in discussion based art workshops. These workshops provide a safe environment in which you and/or your clients can identify and explore issues through art.


Our goal is to provide groups and individuals the opportunity to benefit from discussion based art workshops designed to promote healthy personal development and healing.


Art Affects, LLC should not replace existing forms of counseling, mental or emotional therapies. Unlike counseling or therapy, workshops are non-diagnostic and are non-confrontational.


Although the workshops are often ‘therapeutic’ the main purpose is to promote openness and communication often leading to improvements in mental and emotional wellbeing.


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Adult Workshops


Art Affects, LLC has partnered with various non-profits, retirement communities and other organizations to bring our curriculum to their clients.


Workshop curriculum is customized to meet the needs of the clients being served.


For example, survivors of domestic violence may engage in activities designed to increase a sense of self, build trust and regain a feeling of security. While clients with dementia will participate in reminiscence focused activities.


Whatever the topic, our workshops consistently deliver the wonderful effects of opening up one's creative side. This creation promotes relaxation, openness and pride, things that we can all benefit from.

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Children's Workshops


Children often lack the words to communicate their feelings or thoughts. Art Affects' workshops teach children healthy ways to express themselves while embracing their inner creativity and individuality.


The only age restriction that we recommend is the general 'school aged.' More mature younger individuals who are able to focus on the topic and share in discussion will also be able to benefit. We will leave the age restrictions up to your discretion.


**Please keep in mind that workshops must abide by Florida's adult:child ratios. Additional adult supervision to meet these requirements is the responsibility of the organization.


Staff Morale and Team-building



We can all admit that sometimes the office atmosphere needs a little lift!


Whether your staff work directly with at risk populations and need a chance to heal and process the pain witnessed, or the team just needs to come together to work more cohesively, Art Affects has wonderful workshops that can help.


As always, our art centered workshops are fun and relaxing but also promote open communication. The shared experience of an Art Affects workshop will surely bring your team closer together, while showing them that you appreciate their hard work and care about their happiness.